Assistant to the Consulting Detectives

Assistant to the Consulting Detectives by idyll

Teen Wolf | Elementary


Stiles is going to NYU and ends up working for Sherlock and Joan.

Notes(from idyll):

This started when an anon on tumblr randomly asked me about crossing the two verses. I laughed it off, but the thing is…I was drunk. So then I wrote some of the wackiest crossover ever. And then it became a drunken tradition, and the fic had no name but I tagged it as ‘that fic i only write when i’m drunk’ and kept writing more. I’m done with the verse now, so I figured I’d get it up on AO3. I’ve done…no editing on this. Seriously. I wrote it when DRUNK OKAY. Please keep that in mind.

Re: the BDSM tag. There is nothing explicit. References made to Sherlock’s canonical sub tendencies. Dynamics presented between Derek and Stiles and referenced after that.

Podfic for idyll.

Read by Sky Unicorn

Download Podfic MP3 here

Audiobook Here


AO3 Entry

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